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Referencing: Xamk instructions: Sample list of references

This page provides instructions on how source references must be marked in body text and how a list of references is created in accordance with Xamk writing guidelines

Consult a sample list of references when making your own

The sample list of references presented below contains various types of sources. Follow the given models when you compose your own list of references.

Irrespective of the type of document, the list of references always starts a new page.

Whenever you enter an online source, the type of the document must be stated as presented in the examples below.

NOTE: Even though the Xamk style reference list is heavily based on the Harvard system, there are some differences in the use of punctuation and italicisation Therefore, follow the Xamk style presented below, not the Harvard style proper.

Sample list of references for Xamk assignments and theses (based on the Harvard style)

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