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Information seeking

What are the stages involved in information seeking and how you should proceed?

In this guide, you can find materials to help you seek and evaluate information. You will learn to identify different source materials. The guide provides support for classroom learning of information skills as well as independent studying. The guide provides help and material related to different learning tasks and different stages of studies.

The objective of the guide is that students understand all stages of the information seeking process and master the basics of independent and efficient information retrieval from sources of their own field. Information retrieval skills are useful in the course of studies and later on also in professional life. There is an abundance of information available and the best way to deal with it is by acquire good skills in seeking and evaluating information.

Have a good journey to the information seeking world! A man is looking  through the spyglass.

(Photo by Evgeni Tcherkasski on Unsplash)

Why study information seeking?

In today's world information changes and evolves all the time. Therefore, the ability to seek and retrieve the most relevant and accurate materials from the flood of information is even more important than before. An information literate person knows how to retrieve, locate, evaluate, apply and absorb information. Information seeking skills are essential to the development of information literacy. Efficient information seeking skills improve your workflow and help in achieving high-quality results both in academic and professional life.

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