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Information seeking

Book an appointment with an information specialist

Book a suitable time with any information specialist. Guidance is only available online.

Please note that information search guidance is not a substitute for information search lectures provided by an information specialist. Please ensure that you have attended an information retrieval training course before booking an information retrieval counselling session.

Click on the name of the information specialist and log in with your Xamk username if required. This will take you to the booking calendar, where you can choose the most suitable time for you.

Soila Eräniemi
Terhi Kaipainen (no sessions in spring 2022)
Tapio Salmela
Oili Valtonen

Note: There will be no teaching of basics of information retrieval, but rather provides guidance on how to search according to a topic, use a specific database or search for research information, for example in connection with a thesis or a specific learning task.
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